Digital technologies are increasingly driving conservative business models into a corner. A digital, future-oriented corporate strategy contributes more and more to long-term success in most companies. However, many DMCs find the internal transformation difficult and ask themselves how they can meet the challenge of “digitalisation”.

Our credo here is: simple digitalisation. An optimal mix of pragmatic approach, latest-generation expertise and passion for digital transformation, this is how we would like to accompany you on your digital transformation journey and, of course, not only consider the technical aspect, but also address your needs. Because digital transformation goes far beyond technical changes.

How can simplit support you?

In different calls, we explain the basics of future-proof corporate structures to you. We look at different digital developments and show you which trends are important and will help your DMC to gain a digital edge. In doing so, we use practical examples to explain the development of an agile digital strategy: from analysis to project planning, implementation and follow-up. It is also important for us to look at digitalisation from the perspective of effort and return and to be able to provide you with concrete starting points for your company.

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