Automated price calculation

As a travel agency, you know that pricing your trips can be a pain. You have to keep track of price changes and calculate them manually, which takes up so much time that you could be spending doing other things… like selling more trips!

Easily update offers

Your client wants to change something? advatra calculates automatically the new price of the itinerary. The pricing is fully integrated into the itinerary builder.

Stay within budget

Automatically markup and margin calculation – you always know how much profit you make. Easily add commissions, fees and more.

React fast to price changes

Update your prices all at once to reflect changes on different levels. You don’t have to go through all the prices every year!

Benefit from reports

Keep track of your business KPIs and gain insights about your conversion rate.

A maximum of flexibility for your travel agency.

Automate your workflows with smart integrations.

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All advatra features

Itinerary builder

Impress your customer with a digital and up to date itinerary in your own look and feel.
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Price calculation

Calculate your prices without struggle and keep them up to date.
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Trip management

Keep an overview over all your trips and never again forget anything.
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Integrated CRM

Manage customers, partners, suppliers and more efficiently.

Product library

Save your favorite experiences and use them again and again.

Sales pipeline

View the current status of all your trips and react fast to client questions.


Generate reports for financial and sales use, fully customizable to your needs.


Check automatically against opening times, holidays and more.