…about digitalisation in DMCs and how important a project manager on the client side is in the digitalisation process.

Alexandra Annoni: We have noticed that digitalisation has not yet arrived everywhere at DMCs – why is that?

Peter Rohrer: It is sporadically the case that digitalisation trends can be identified in DMCs. However, the changes that accompany a real digitisation process should not be underestimated. Individual processes or company divisions that are converted and digitalised are only a small part of a cross-company digitalisation process. If digitalisation is to unfold its full potential, all areas of a company must be fully integrated into the digital transformation. And this is precisely where many DMCs still struggle. Digitalisation is usually ill-starred right from the start because the human resources, financial resources or the necessary know-how on the customer side are simply lacking. As a result, most companies are not in a position to build up a competent team on their own without outside help to take care of digitalisation in the company.

Alexandra Annoni: How great is the potential for digitalisation in DMCs?

Peter Rohrer: Processes in companies must be continuously optimised and adapted. This is the only way to remain competitive. In the future, it will be possible to adapt and optimise company processes exclusively through the use of digital solutions. So I think that almost every company will have to deal with the topic of digitalisation at some point, even if the industry is only marginally affected by it.

Alexandra Annoni: How can digitalisation then be successfully shaped in DMCs?

Peter Rohrer: A first well thought-out plan as well as clearly defined responsibilities are indispensable. One should also be aware that advatra cannot be introduced overnight: enough time should be planned to think through data and price structures properly and to fill them into the system. People who have never worked with a large software system before must first get used to technical structures and new processes. Only then can they start working with advatra. Of course, factors such as time, cost and personnel planning should not be forgotten, because ultimately digitalisation happens across the entire company.

Alexandra Annoni: How important is a digital team leader in a digitisation process?

Peter Rohrer: Very important! A digital team leader brings numerous advantages. This person can only take care of the digitalisation without having to use other employees and resources on the client side. The digital project leader functions as a contact person during the entire transformation and has enough technical know-how to be able to think for the company as a whole. This saves time and money and ensures that business processes are not disrupted at any time.

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